About The Academy

DmbH School of Nursing is an initiative to create the finest nursing professionals. Our main aim is to contribute to the healthcare industry and society in general, by establishing the Academy as a learning centre of international repute. We aim to provide the best quality of faculties and facilities to nursing students so that they in turn become the best nursing professionals for society.


DmbH School of Nursing wishes to create the finest nursing professionals and establish itself as a learning center of International repute.


DmbH School of Nursing envisions a platform where world-class nursing education is imparted in an interactive environment.

All Facilities

  1. The teacher and student ratio is 1:10.
  2. Well-equipped Laboratories.
  3. WBNC registered faculties.
  4. A rich collection of the library.
  5. Very hygienic, clean and all time ready college canteen.